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Lee Denim Jacket thrift store find

With this, the Lee Union-All was created. Army and was the official fatigue uniform during World War I. This work wear line included the Lee 91 and Lee series jacket.

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So up to this time, Lee was famous for providing industrial clothing as well as garments for railroad workers. It was in that Lee first introduced the Buddy Lee Doll , a choice of many vintage collectors today. They proved so successful that dolls were created featuring many different outfits. In , Lee introduced the Lee Cowboy Pants. The first Lee Cowboy pants were made in 13 oz.

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In this model, Lee removed the back pocket rivets and in their place introduced bar tacking; however rivets did remain on the crotch and front pockets. This early model of the became known eventually as the B once H. Lee introduced the zipper version Z. In , Lee introduced its exclusive fabric, Jelt Denim. Did not know it exists! I have a jacket very similar to the one pictured in the article except mine has an embroidered Storm Rider Lee label.

Could you help me date my jacket? If you google the jacket, they will lead you to great information and history on the jacket…..

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However, on the inside left upper pocket there is a old label that looks like a garment workers tag. Hi, thank you for your question. If I remember correctly it should read A. American Federation of Labor. Hi thank you for asking but I am not planning to sell it. You can find beautifully faded vintage storm riders from many bigger vintage sellers or on Etsy or ebay.

Now, a company called MWG makes a jacket that is an almost identical jacket but it is not Lee. Hey, thank you for your comment. That is indeed the case in the North American market. Also if you check UK or German eBay you will find some brand new jackets. Why the production and selling of Storm Rider has ceased in the US is a mystery to me.

I was working for a rancher in North Dakota and found one in an old building half buried in debris….. Going to sell it to a business soon enough, I want someone that can wear it and appreciate a good piece of history…. Did Lee ever make jackets in Canada? If so what year did they start? I thank you for your time. Mike, I would assume that they did.

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Those days many places in Asia or South America did not yet have the infrastructure to start the production in wide scale, so Europe and North America was used. At least Levis and Wrangler was made in many countries across Europe. I have no exact data, but I would think that Canada would have been one of the first places to go outside USA. I hope this helps. I had one of these Lee jackets for years.

Hope they will soon , they would sell like hot cakes. See the link below for this seasons offering. I have passed it down to my son who wears it well. Alas, I am a bigger size now than I was in the 80s but would love to obtain a bigger size for myself.

Lee Denim Jacket thrift store find | The Fedora Lounge

I live in the UK. They have added hand warmer pockets to the newer ones but on Lee range they sometimes make Storm Rider with old specifications: True Wool blanket lining and no lower pockets. Vintage ones can also be found quite abundantly in ebay, Etsy etc. Hi janp, thanks for your comments. Have looked on ebay and etsy like you suggested, several second hand on offer. Also looked on Lee UK , not currently available. Do you know where I can buy new? Pete, search for Lee Storm Rider on ebay.

There are quite a few new ones available. Check the beautiful characteristic Western jeans here below. Wonderful old Lee jeans with beautiful frontleg repairs. It is really a museumpiece, but I would prefer to wear this treasure carefully of course with pride! Sign up to recieve the latest denim updates.

How to Identify Vintage Levis : Vintage Style

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